Each project we develop is continuously followed by our technical technical leader, by our management and by our scrum master so that we can ensure high quality and control.
By control we mean that the customer is updated regularly about the status of the development and he’s able to check a demo at the end of each iteration so that, at the end of the project, all his needs will be satisfied.
We strongly believe that sustainable software is the key to building successful projects and for this reason we are used to pairing programming and periodic code reviews that will ensure a high quality end product.

Code Review

We believe that the usage of code review it’s the only way in which an organization can keep a reasonable code quality in place and improve the knowledge of all of its team members.

Source Code

We provide a report on our continuos integration server and the access to the code repository since the beginning of the project, source code is always delivered!

Code quality is one of our most concerns here at GNstudio, our willing is to avoid that the process of scaling up our organization negatively impact the quality of our code. When a new project starts we dedicate a while to the “iteration 0” in order to let us a chance to get all the requirements and to have the same vision of our customer about the project. At the same time we have a chance to start to discuss with our developers the building blocks of the architecture we will put in place for the project.
A software architecture is more than just a technical blueprint of a complex software-intensive system but it’s also a mean to spread up project best practices across the team. In addition to its technical functions, a software architecture has important social, organizational, managerial, and business implications because help the team members to create a relationship and share the same vision about a project.

The definition of the application domain is critical to us because we use this also in order to start to define a common terminology to refer to the entities involved in the application.
We strongly believe that the quality of the code can be also measured by its understandability, for this reason we made a review of the application domain explaining it with simple words to all the stakeholders involved in the project.
At the end of this phase our domain usually is changed both in terms and in relationships. We get this result because in order to explain a domain to not technical guy we have to drive them into some use cases that involve the product they own.

Mobile Development

We started to work on mobile development with Flash Lite in the 2006, after our experience with it we embraced more robust technologies such as:

  • Symbian C++
  • Android
  • Objective C on iOS devices

More recently we started to use also Adobe AIR on mobile and especially on the Blackberry platform.
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Web Sites

We work on the front end using the Flash Platform or HTML / JavaScript / CSS and we use PHP, Java and Coldfusion for the backend.
We love open source and for this reason why always try to use open source frameworks for our projects such as jQuery, Flex, WordPress and Drupal.
The front-end we worked on are pretty stable and reliable on the most diffused browsers.
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We have had in the last years some engaging experiences working on Rich Internet Applications.
Accordingly to the needs of our customer we used AIR, Flex, the Flash Media Server, RED5 and Java.
We use the Adobe AIR runtime since the version 1.0 and we have a good experience on its integration with third part libraries, the open source projects we run are based on Java.
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