Open Source

“The licenses for most software and other practical works are designed to take away your freedom to share and change the work” GNU General Public License

The GNstudio team fell in love with open source at the beginning of 2006. The collaboration of several parts (usually free and spontaneous) allows the final product to achieve a greater complexity than it might get a single working group.

Open source is a philosophy, a way to share knowledge between users without the need of a subscription. A open source can be downloaded, used, changed and shared by anyone without having to pay a fee and users can learn new techniques and information from the continuously changing product.

We have always delivered the source code to our customers without asking additional fees since 2001, but open source means sharing and cooperation between developers, and we try to share our experience with a small set of open source products released under the LGPL license. The name of this set of products is Intelligere. We are currently working on launching a website that will provide support for these products, and we’re also ready to deliver the the newest and hottest Intelligere product, Agile Pseudocode Development Tool (APDT).

This is all free software, so use it freely!

We believe that cooperation between developers is the best way to increase the capabilities of a development company. If you have an idea send us your proposal: we can help you develop your open source software.

Intelligere SCS

Intelligere scs is a simple sharing platform created as a tool for communication and synchronous collaboration. The system can be used as a simple chat between to users or as a platform for webcam streaming or to share documents and the desktop. All interaction is done though a session which is owned by a user called a speaker. The speaker can stream video and use a microphone to interact with other uses in the session.
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Agile Pseudocode Development Tool (APDT) speeds up planning and application modeling. The tool is an Eclipse plugin that helps decrease the gap between developers and non-technical guys on a project.
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Snippet Repo Browser

This software is a way to store the snippet of code used across projects.In order to browse the repository from Eclipse it’s possible to use a plugin that allows to and drag and drop the snippets into the code.
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