”If things seem under control, you are just not going fast enough.” —Mario Andretti

Meet the members of the GNstudio team.

Giorgio, technical lead

Giorgio Natili is the founder and technical lead of GNstudio. He also an Adobe community expert, W3C member, and Java User Group manager. Giorgio’s areas of expertise include standards-based application development, client-side scripting, gaming, and video streaming.
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Barbara, management

After studying law Barbara Natili began a brilliant academic career uniting her interest in computer science with a remarkable insight into new technology law.
After a traditional apprenticeship with one of Rome’s most prestigious law firms, she now has a career in freelance consultancy specializing in computer law.
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Stefano, Creative Director

What keeps Stephano up at night? He’s wondering: How long does it take to turn an idea into a finished, polished, interactive piece of communication? How do you cope with the unbearable truth that the next project will be your best project?
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Marco, flex + php

Marco has been coding since ’91 in various programming languages, tasks and technologies. His expertise includes CAD, microelectronics, typographic design, and web development.
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Luca, flex + air

Luca more than ten years’ experience in web development. He loves to mash good code with beautiful and intuitive interfaces while keeping up with the latest in technology and tools.
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Vassilis, Android + iOS

Vassilis has been working on mobile apps since 2002—first on data-intensive apps, then on games and utilities. In 2007 he was awarded the first prize in NOKIA’s C++ international contest for his LHS component. His skills include native Symbian C++, Android, J2ME and iOS development.
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Emanuele, system administrator

Emanuele has fifteen years’ experience in the industry. As a dedicated and motivated professional he comes from a multicultural background and has knowledge of diverse technologies with a focus on…
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Marco, sysadmin

Marco is a system and network administrator with several years of experience in a variety of computing environments.
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Enrico, iOS

Enrico has been recently involved in mobile application development, iOS, Android and Windows Phone for enterprise customers. He has organized several iOS development courses for private companies.
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Marcello, front end

My adventure in the world of web started in 2001 as web designer, during that time I was fascinated more and more by the study of various web languages, so I became a “little programmer”.
Today, more than a web designer I feel like a ‘tuttologo’, and why not, a web developer. If I should be a software, I would like to be FLASH.
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Corrado, GUI and UX

Corrado’s specialties include user interface and experience design, usability, web marketing solutions, and brand identity. When he is not buried deep in code and graphics, you can spot him playing the drums or electric guitar. He also has a lifelong dream of wanting to sail around the world.
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Bala, PHP and WordPress expert

Bala is a programmer with a penchant for design and expert knowledge of PHP and JavaScript-based frameworks.
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Giovanni, front-end developer

Giovanni is an HTML, CSS, and JavaScript expert in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, cross-browser development, and server-side integration. He is most comfortable when working on WordPress or Drupal projects.
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