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We are serious about software development—we manage the entire software life cycle to eliminate waste and ensure the quality, robustness and reliability of the final product.
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System Integration

We care about your investment—we know that managing complex IT projects and completing them on time and within budget is essential for your return on investment.
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Creative Solutions

We provide fresh ideas on how to best use new technologies and craft them into creative solutions that ensure that today’s best possible solution won’t be obsolete tomorrow.
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Today is Earth Day! Over one billion people in 192 countries are participating from London to Sao Paolo, Seoul to Babylon City, New Delhi to New York, Cairo to Rome; and today in Rome we are proud to announce the Pinzimonio project!
Pinzimonio ― The eco friendly e-commerce, Read more

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coaching services


During the past years we experienced the agile transition with several teams and customers and we identified specific patterns that often reoccur in each organization. When doing coaching our senior agile practitioners put their experience to the customer and start to work with the customer team as being working with a team of ours. There are many things the agile coach does, among them teach, facilitate, collaborate, and mentor… but even more the agile coach is the one that helps organizations to avoid common mistakes in order to achieve success with a rapid ROI. more details


After several years of experience in the field, GNStudio offers personalised courses, supplies instructors and creates supplementary documentation and multimedia content, both for courses and e-learning platforms, compatible with Scorm standards. We strongly believes that in order to meet the needs of our customers each course has to be tailored to their specific needs. In fact, in contrast to many other training institutions, we do not have a course calendar with predefined programs. more details


mobile development

Mobile Applications

Our background developing mobile applications is quite old in fact we started to work on mobile with Flash Lite and Symbian C++ in the 2003. Since 2003 we worked on several Flash Lite UI prototypes and on several applications built with Flash Lite as the presentation layer and a C++ local web server as the communication layer with the device. In the past years we started to work on iOS native applications on Android applications with Adobe AIR and on mobile web sites. More recently we started to build some prototypes based on PhoneGap in order to deliver HTML/JS based native applications on several platforms. more details
system integration

Web Sites

The core competency was for several years Adobe Flash, since when Flash is not supported on Apple devices we come back to our roots starting again to work in HTML/CSS/JS for the front end. Each web site we deliver has its own content management system based on existing and stable open source platforms like drupal, wordpress, mura, magento, etc. in order to make our customer able to maintain their web sites also without our support. Each web site is delivered with a custom design created around the customer's business. more details
software development

Rich Internet Applications

Since the early 2000s companies started to ask for robust reliable solutions using the web as a platform. In those years Macromedia released Flex as a server side application and then, after Adobe acquired Macromedia, the Flex framework has been released a rich framework for enterprise development. It's since 2003 then that we create rich internet application and more recently we started to use also other frameworks like Sencha and jQuery in order to guarantee that the applications are visible on any kind of device. We strongly believe that the web is the mean with wich data, updates and new module can be used from a rich internet application, for this reason the RIA we work on can be available as a web application or as a desktop one. more details